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Your shop for MoPar restoration services and thousands of NOS parts.

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Welcome to JC Auto Restoration


Parts Department

With more than 35 years in the automotive industry, JC Auto Restoration takes as much care in delivering the first-class parts you need as we do when restoring your car. Our inventory includes over 100,000 quality parts for which we have recently created an easy-to-use online store. Shop now to find the parts you need.

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Restoration Services

We offer a variety of services, from instrument restoration to unusual components of automobiles, such as the Highway Hi-Fi record players. Our experience and knowledge extends far beyond just MoPar automobiles to specialty and even exotic cars. Learn about the services we offer or inquire about your own project.

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About Us

Based in the city of Lynnwood, just north of Seattle, WA, JC Auto Restoration, Inc. has been serving MoPar fans in the US and internationally since 1978. We are a small team of highly specialized mechanics, electrical engineers, and all around MoPar enthusiasts. Learn more about our team and shop.

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